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Layer groups (folder) and Panels glued (GUI)


Layer groups (folder) and color-code layers :
Layers creation and groups with color-code by layers and groups (folders) would be very appreciated

Panels glued (GUI) :
All the panels could be glued to the edge. One could free them by turning them into floating panels as is already the case in Pro Montion NG.


Yup yup. Agree.

For organization and whatnot, here’s links to previous threads discussing the same things:


Thanks for your explication.

User of TVpaint, Aura and other animation and drawing software, floating panels are quite common but today, GUI panels glued are very appreciated.

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Yoz Montana


Yep! I believe panel docking is intended for a future update. No ETA, though.


Free transformations comes with 7.3.
Also see here:

Docking windows and panels are planned for 7.4. Not sure when layer folder are added. I hope that I can make it before 7.4, but this depends on the technical impact of the change.
I will also publish a poll after 7.3 listing bigger features to get a better idea about what people need most.

7.3 is still very delayed. Lots of things came in the way technically because I redo the complete canvas tool engine and also some private emergencies and duties took and take a lot of weekends (my main working time for PM) away :roll_eyes:


Hey hey, a new update. Nice!

Hope things are ok on your end. You sound busy.


Extremely. 7.3 was planned for Spring… I now hope for Winter :grimacing:


if you could implent layers creation and groups with color-code by layers and groups (folders) would be very appreciated because when you create more than thirty layers, it becomes not very easy to manage.


When the time has come I will probably show some preview screens here. But at the moment I can’t say much about an ETA.