Wish to support TEXT MODE

Sorry my English is not very well.
As PromotionNG is the pixel drawing tool which has a strong power of Brush Container/ Brush get tool for pixel art.
I hope its brush function can support Text mode better.

About the Text Mode can be saw in the video of here:
What is ‘TEXT MODE’ art? | Introduction and Timelapse - YouTube
Or twitter tags just like:

PromotionNG 's Tile maps mode can easily make a sheet of Text mode’s brush palette. But the Tile mode is locked the color palette. It can not draw tile brush in other colors.

The Brush Container maybe a better way. But Brush Container can not make brush palette Automatic batch.
e.g. I already get a text sheet png for Text Mode Brush. I wish I can export the png with some grid as brushes.

For me. I think change the Tile maps mode is more needed for Text mode artist, cause they can easy change the brush by the Tile set window. Just add a function can support single color mode for Tile maps mode would be ok.

Hello CallofAS, As far as text mode goes with having your tileset ready have you tried using selecting the tiles and changing the paint mode by going to mode/paint single color then changing the colors to anything you wish? This is an indirect approach to what your trying to do but I think It will work just the same.

Hi, Morintari, sorry to reply late. I’ve tried the Mode - paint single color. But the color didn’t change. As I said the Tile mode is locked the color palette. Or I didn’t do something right.

My apologies you are correct. Sorry for wasting your time. Paint single color doesn’t work on a tile map but if it did I think your problem would be solved. So now the thing is to get Jan@cosmigo to include it in his list of features. While He’s at it I could really use the feature paint single color in cloning as I have said before.

Hi, Morintari,
It’s Ok. English is not my first language maybe I can not express more. Your thinking idea is right.
And I know the Text Mode is not an important thing and should not be first on Jan’s list. I’m also waiting PMNG could have an animation Timeline for every layers. And I think, adding a Text Mode is easy just like unlocking the tile mode color palette. For now, people draw text mode always use Playscii or lvllvl. I think PMNG is really better than them.