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Suggestions, Wishes, Ideas

Improved sprite rotation ( 2 ) (21)
Infinite Pattern Drawing (1)
🎞 Fill Tool option to affect all frames (3)
Symmetry painting with custom brush (3)
Flicker when switching to/from full screen (2)
Type Kerning for the typing tool (3)
Indexed Layer Blend Modes (4)
The Sevenˢᵗ Tile (4)
Minimizing Pro Motion (2)
Esc=close window (2)
Pixel aspect compensation (3)
Remove/Raise Scale factor upper limit (3)
Halftone selector color & halftone preview window bg (3)
Is there anyway Jan@cosmigo that you could (8)
Indicator line when re-ordering layers (2)
Space delay in animbrush (2)
Preview in Mouse as a Brush in 'Paint Single Color' mode (2)
⌨ New keyboard shortcut to move UP and DOWN in palette (9)
Realtime check/autocorrect for color constraint errors (4)
1. Grouping Layers 2.Function of free transformation (4)
Multiple Preview panels (4)
A Move Tool like other traditional painting software? (10)
Blurring option in Preview window (10)
Copy layer, paste to another project file (2)
Tile Mapping/ Export Tiles (2)
Tile Map Layers (9)
Multi Language? (8)
Animation - individual frame control per layer (17)
AVI to GIF that is used in Promotion (2)
Make it possible to autofill with a ned drawing tool- (2)