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Suggestions, Wishes, Ideas

Space delay in animbrush (2)
Preview in Mouse as a Brush in 'Paint Single Color' mode (2)
⌨ New keyboard shortcut to move UP and DOWN in palette (9)
Gradient saving (5)
Realtime check/autocorrect for color constraint errors (4)
1. Grouping Layers 2.Function of free transformation (4)
Multiple Preview panels (4)
A Move Tool like other traditional painting software? (10)
Blurring option in Preview window (10)
Copy layer, paste to another project file (2)
Tile Mapping/ Export Tiles (2)
Tile Map Layers (9)
Multi Language? (8)
Animation - individual frame control per layer (17)
AVI to GIF that is used in Promotion (2)
Make it possible to autofill with a ned drawing tool- (2)
Better panel management (4)
Simple math in input boxes (5)
A mode that erases all pixels except the brush (2)
Palette window grid resizing (2)
Tilemap and Tileset exported filename control (2)
Create a toolbar for options in the 'Mode' menu (3)
Shortcut issues (5)
Save/Load window file/folder navigation & selection revamp (1)
Palette Selection, Tile Properties, and Tile set locking (4)
ARGB 4 channel indexed palette (instead of 3 channel RGB) (7)
Upon creating from single images, take colors from ALL images (6)
Make Lines Visible in Symmetry Mode (2)
Layer picker (behind color picker) (5)
Quick Layer Picker Tool [EDIT: obsolete] (3)