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Suggestions, Wishes, Ideas

Create Issues Repo on GitHub (2)
Crop brushes and animbrushes (3)
Hovering over brushes reveals tooltip (what it is) (3)
Suggesting a new mode for Global brush container (2)
Light table tint adjustment option (2)
Auxillary screen (1)
Palette Editor: Add Formulas (3)
Layer copy tool (3)
Super stencil feature (a kind of selection) (3)
Plugins Paths and Settings Improvement (2)
Thumnbail previews for both the layers and the animation timeline (2)
Copy a sequence and insert before frame (3)
Constructive Grouping of Layers (2)
Extruding tiles on export (7)
Pro Motion SDK and Test Unit (2)
Formula export/import (7)
Fractal formulas and fractal fill (3)
Export Brush as PNG (2)
In preferances can you make it so (3)
Increment scaling (5)
Loop or end on light table feature (11)
Tile Export features (3)
Support for C64 image file types (5)
"Creative Tab" for connected projects (12)
"The Library" needs more functions (8)
Moving colors in the palette (5)
Would you please release the program on Mac as well? (9)
Randomisation options for brushes/animated brushes (11)
Scrubby Zoom functionality (6)
Importing colour palettes (5)